the chicken coop


Recently we decided to keep a few chickens, and they needed a home. I looked long and hard at the alternatives and decided, in the end, to design and build my own. Just for information, coops like this one are available online for around $1500 !!!

The coop shown here will accomodate up to 8 large chickens and has 2 nestboxes. There is sufficient perch space for a few more medium size breeds, but the nestbox would need to be made into 3 by widening it (easy to do at time of order)

Ease of use and security, along with appearance were the key criteria. This is a coop your neighbors will be proud of.

The nestbox wall is removable. The opposite wall is in two parts. There is an outer solid wall which can be removed to show an inner mesh wall. The mesh wall can be removed to allow full through access for cleaning and maintenance. All this is the work of just a minute or two.

The perches run full length and, in use, the chickens have no access to the space below the perches where most of the dropping collect. Just put an old feed sack under there to make clean-up a breeze.

The coop is constructed of pine and spruce. The frame is about 1 3/4 square lumber with a pressure treated subframe. The sides and roof are made of two types of 3/4 thick siding. and the floor is plywood, and replacable.

The finish is Australian Timber Oil ... Natural on the walls and interior, Mahogany Flame for the roof.

Price is $800 and I can deliver within 200 miles for $1 per mile.