The following is a list of introductory prices, and options for each piece:

Adirondack Chair                                             $165

Cushions supplied at cost. Applied finish            $20

Rockers                                                                 $50

Adirondack Table                                             $80

Applied finish                                                           $10

Octagonal Patio Table                                     $450

Price includes finish. Shape, pattern and price will depend upon size of table required. As priced, table is 5 diameter, and will seat 8

Deluxe Picnic Table                                         $350

Price includes finish. As priced tabletop is 71 x 36

Bookcase Headboard

Including lights and finish                        from    $600

Pool Cue Rack                                                     $125

Chicken Coop

As described


Payment can be made by cash, Cheque or Paypal (+2%)

30% of final price required when order is placed, balance on collection or delivery.