the bookcase headboard


I had an e-mail inquiry some months ago about the possibility of making a bookcase headboard for a Queen bed, from Maple. The customer and I battted around a few ideas for a while. I also tried to find examples that we could discuss. I found very few. It would seem that the few pieces available are either sub-standard and cheap, or horribly expensive, yet somehow not quite the thing!

I came up with the headboard shown here and itís wonderful. Even if I do say so myself. Jodie wants one!

It is made from Soft Maple (this is hardwood, about 75% of the hardness of Hard Maple, but a little cheaper and takes a stain better. The back panel is Birch Ply.

This can be made to fit any size bed, and can be made from wood of your choice. Maple and Oak would be the obvious choices to be stained anything from very light, through mid tone or dark according to preference.

The lights are on a touch dimmer, and have three bightness levels, plus off.

Cost will vary by size and material, but expect them to start at around $600.