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Steveís Woodshop was borne out of a long search for quality furniture at an affordable price. Jodie and I are not wealthy people, but we are not gullible either, and having considered the items on offer at a number of retail outlets, simply felt that we could make the stuff; better designed, better built from high quality materials at a price people like us could afford.

For example, Lowes, a decent store, and one we like, sells an Adirondack chair made with cedar. Itís a nice chair, if a little bland. The trouble is simply that it lacks character, and costs $195 plus tax. We have one available as a direct result that we feel is more individual, at least as well built and considerably lower in price.

Steveís Woodshop will continue to supply good garden and patio furniture for as long as folk buy it. We will use the best cedar and teak (if you have deep enough pockets) that we can find, and build our furniture to a standard we are proud to sell and use ourselves.

We can also supply indoor items from oak, pine, poplar, aspen, mahogany etc. Each item will be designed following a discussion with the end user, and each item will join our catalogue here.

The examples shown on the following pages are a small range. If you have a project in mind please call, and we can discuss it.

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